Scented Tea Lights


What distinguishes your premium scented tea light candles from other candles online?

Our premium scented tea light candles are crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a luxurious fragrance experience. All our tea lights come with tea light holders are designed to deliver a captivating scent and ambience, making them the perfect choice for enhancing any occasion or setting. So when you buy tea light candles online, make sure you check out our extensive collection.

Are your scented tea lights made from soy wax?

Yes, all our scented tea lights are made from natural soy wax, known for its clean burn and excellent fragrance. Soy wax tea lights, just like soy wax candles, are longer-lasting and more sustainable, providing a guilt-free indulgence when looking for relaxing candles.

What kind of fragrances are available in Seva Home's tea lights collection?

Seva Home's tea lights collection offers a fragrance for all preferences and likes. These relaxing candle scents are available in notes of cedar, peppermint, vanilla, coconut, peach, amber, jasmine, musk, grapefruit, orange, and many more refreshing fragrances. So when you are looking to buy good-smelling candles, Seva Home is your answer! Order tea light candles from our online candle store now for a seamless ordering and delivery experience.