To create socially conscious luxury candles and home decor products of premium quality while empowering local communities at-large


To ignite joy by making energising, and soothing fragrances that cater to people’s physical and mental well-being

To emphasise our efforts to give back to the society by:

  • Recognising and encouraging local talent
  • Providing sustainable work opportunities
  • Creating a premium product range of meaningful gifts that make a difference

To carry stories of our soil and people through our products across the globe

The word, “Seva” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “selfless service.” Everything we do is true to this core.


At Seva Home, we are an authentic, socially responsible luxury brand. We are reliable, and community-oriented.

The making of each and every Seva Home candle is a story of genuine intent to empower the people around us. The candles not just spread light in homes of our consumers but also in the homes of the local communities we extend our helping hand to. With our multiplying efforts, we aim to reach many more people.


Arushi Agrawal founded Seva Home in the midst of the pandemic with an intent of spreading light in the lives of people around her. She weaved together her passion and understanding of clean, scented candles with a mission to uplift women from underprivileged communities.

A team of experts at Seva Home trained these remarkable women to make candles of exceptional quality while taking care of them and their loved ones.

But our story doesn’t stop here. We aim to carry this story further by reaching out to communities like girl children in orphanages, the specially abled, tribal folks from the warli tribe, senior citizens in assisted living centers, and so many others.

Every festive season, we partner with different charities to support an important cause. With the sale of any 10 candles, we, at Seva Home, help conduct a cataract surgery in the villages of Maharashtra.


To emphasize our purpose of giving back to the society, we have partnered with Samta Foundation. Together, we’ve helped conduct 2,990+ cataract surgeries.

From the patient’s initial diagnosis to taking them to the healthcare center for the surgery, and looking after them post surgery, Samta Foundation stays with them throughout the entire process and makes sure they’re well taken care of.


“We value our efforts to give back to the society while consecutively making premium products from the highest quality of ingredients, and packaging them with care. We put in the extra effort to curate a range
of wholesome products that also contribute to the lives of our local communities.

With our mission to do more good, we’re fuelled with the purpose to make a range of meaningful, premium products.”